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Home Cinema | Home Theatre System Design & Installation 

Let us create a cinematic experience in your home or office


Whether watching TV together or listening to music, entertainment is a big part of family life. As everyone has unique tastes, it isn’t unrealistic to expect a personalised experience that allows each family member to watch or listen to whatever they choose, wherever they choose in the home.

People who love to entertain and be entertained want their content readily available and easily accessible.

Make your home the smartest on the block.

We make smart home entertainment easy – from music and media, to lighting. Home entertainment is no longer restricted to the family room or TV lounge. You can, literally, watch or listen to whatever you want anywhere in the house – and we mean anywhere!

Your audio and video experiences will never be the same again. Enjoy the ultimate experience, as we bring the power, performance and reliability to deliver the best entertainment over one resilient platform.

Bring high-definition content to one or every room in your home. From the latest 4K movies, to streaming high-resolution audio, enjoy limitless entertainment with a single remote, or a complete, unrivalled home theatre experience. No clutter, no fuss, just pure bliss.

signature home cinema rooms
control4 smart remote.

Family Room

Control every asect of your whole home audio entertainment with just one remote, at a price that suits your pocket. Enjoy a more simplified movie and music experience by replacing multiple remotes with just one that is sleek, sophisticated, and easy for the whole family to use.


Set the perfect scene to relax and really enjoy your time with those who matter the most by lowering the automated blinds, dimming the lights, streaming your favourite music or watching TV with the press of a button.

Dedicated Home Theatre

More than just a space to watch a movie, your home theatre is meant to be a place of isolation, drawing you away from the outside world and straight into the action. It’s the perfect ambiance that leaves your family lost in the cine-magic, the go-to spot for friends to enjoy the big game or the next binge-worthy series, and a space you’ll never want to leave because the viewing experience brings it all to life. With one tap of the “Movie” button drops the screen, activates the projector, queues the sound, and dims the lights.

It’s about setting the perfect scene—every time.


Enjoy The Smart Home 


Ever Wonder What All The Fuss Is About When It Comes To Smart Homes?

Click On Our Video To View Some Important Info About What It Means To Enjoy Smart Home Living Through A Home Automation System.

Get Your Own Smart Home Experience – Come view our showroom

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